Dear Future Students of English 14,
Welcome to our compilation, Introduction to Literary History and
Interpretation, created during the Winter quarter of 2018. We are happy you are here!  As you know, English 14 is the first of three foundation courses for the Santa Clara University English Major.  Through this class, you will develop skills necessary to perform literary analysis and interpretation, while researching and writing with both primary and secondary sources.  This means that you will enhance your abilities in close reading, text analysis using computing, understanding a work’s context within literary and cultural history, and finally, synthesizing these analyses for a nuanced critical interpretation.
The objective of this book is to provide you with a concise and organized study resource created by those who have already experienced the course work, readings, and lessons.  It is our aim to help you in your pursuit for academic success during this course and as you delve deeper into your study of English language and literature.  This book will include explanations of literary historical periods and genres, excerpts from representative primary texts, and examples of literary interpretation, all of which you can use as a tool for studying and understanding as you move throughout this course.

We wish you the best of luck,

Students of English 14, Winter 2018


Introduction to Literary History and Interpretation Copyright © by Students of English 14, Winter 2018, Santa Clara University. All Rights Reserved.

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